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Nigerian educator, novelist, dramatist, writing in English. Amadi has interpreted in such novels as THE CONCUBINE (1966), THE GREAT PONDS (1969), and THE SLAVE (1978) the life and values of the traditional village society. Unlike other major eastern Nigerian writers, Amadi supported the Federal cause during the Biafran war (1966-70). His stories often deal with people who try to change their course of life but fail in it.

"It was very easy for him to pick quarrels with Emenike because many events called for a degree of intimacy between the villagers. Take the sharing of meat after a general village hunt. Madume would always argue that Emenike had not been particularly active in the killing of a particular animal and so deserved only a fraction of what the old men actually gave him. But Emenike was not afraid of him. Her knew he could hold his own against him any day given a fair chance. But a man's god may be away on a journey on the day an important fight and that may make all the difference. This was clearly what happened in the last fight between Madume and Emerike." (from The Concubine, 1966)


Elechi Amadi * Aluu, Port Harcourt - Rivers State* +234 803 339 8036

A Prolific Writer and Poet